The Alternative to Managed Services & What Makes it Successful


Also known as the fully-outsourced model, Managed Services refers to a distinct type of IT outsourcing where the provider takes over all the technology decisions, while the client or customer takes a backseat and reviews the processes. Why go with a managed services model? The benefits range from risk reduction (as the provider is responsible for any damages to the system) to freedom to focus on other business aspects (as the arrangement frees up your employees of IT concerns).

In searching for a managed services provider, remember to look for these core traits.

But if you’re looking for a cost-efficient and more flexible alternative, consider the Shared Services type.


For decades, shared services has proven itself as an efficient business model. However, in light of recent developing trends and increasing demand of customers, expectations have also risen in a significant way. So what does it really take for a Shared Services Center to be successful and competent in delivering quality services? We outline them below.

  • Excellent & Efficient Leadership
    The success of an organization is based on the performance of its people. Without a remarkably motivated and engaged team, the Shared Services Center cannot succeed. That is why it is highly essential for leaders to further hone the talent and expertise of their members. A highly effective shared service leader should have a comprehensive understanding of a client’s business and an excellent drive to lead the company to deliver that best customer results.
  • People Skills
    Behind every success of a Shared Services Center are its people. The time, skills, and competencies they contribute and deliver is what makes the organization stand out. It goes without saying, however, that a Shared Services Center member should offer more than just the core technical skills. An effective member of an organization must also be able to confidently engage with customers, staff, bosses, and partners.
  • Communication
    As it is in every relationship, communication is key. To have the ability to communicate every thought or idea to your business customers, your colleagues, and your bosses is crucial to ensure the relationship with stakeholders. A great member also knows that there is no one-size-fits-all messaging that will suit every audience. They must articulately express their vision to colleagues and partners, so there is no room for passiveness.
  • Negotiation & Collaboration
    Negotiating skills are a must when you’re part of a Shared Services Center. Members, particularly leaders, will always be negotiating with customers and senior management, which is why developing and maintaining strategic internal relationships is vital. It influences functional proficiency and overall, achieves excellent outputs.
  • Listening
    Every member of the Shared Services Center should know how to properly manage relationship between the organization and the customer. Spending extra time on a phone call or a meeting, or talking and listening to the concerns of the customer face-to-face is essential for the Shared Services Center to be able to address pertinent issues.
  • Tech & Capability Awareness
    Members of the Shared Services Center should take it upon themselves to hone their adeptness in their own field or department. It’s also paramount to make sure that members are updated on the latest technology and solutions. Meanwhile, a leader can closely collaborate with Human Resources to further amplify and challenge the work environment necessary for success and professional advancement.


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