Strong Foundations: ICT Infrastructure 101


Communication in the modern age has become all the more important, and information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructures have helped shaped society to what it is today. Calls and messages get from Point A to Point B through the technology that is so common, we barely give it a second thought. What exactly is ICT infrastructure, and how vital is it in a modern company’s foundation?

The Basics of ICT Infrastructure

It encompasses all the devices, networks, protocols, and procedures that are employed in the telecoms or information technology fields to foster interaction amongst different stakeholders. It includes computer hardware (servers and related workstations), network connectivity with accessories, and all necessary equipment. Combined, there are all technologies that allow people and organizations to interact in the digital world.

The management of ICT infrastructure has an end goal of using proven, repeatable processes to provide a stable operating environment for everyone using the technology.

The Elements of ICT Infrastructure

ICT is sometimes used interchangeably with IT (which stands for information technology). However, ICT is generally used to represent a more comprehensive list of all the components related to computer and digital technologies, as well as the application of all these various components. There are 6 components to an ICT infrastructure:

  • Data: raw facts and figures used as information in communication through the digital world.
  • Hardware: the physical components used to communicate and access information, such as computers and smartphones.
  • Software: computer programs and applications that make digital communication possible.
  • Information: converted data that can be used to communicate certain values to people.
  • Procedures: a series of actions conducted in a certain order to make sure that the system runs smoothly.
  • People: the entities that enter data, and the ones that facilitate communication over these digital channels.

The Benefits of ICT Infrastructure

The remarkable expansion of the ICT infrastructure marketplace in recent years has generated millions of new jobs and billions in additional tax revenues, growth that has benefitted nearly every region in the world. Many developing countries, including the Philippines, also perceive domestic ICT industry growth as an effective means to achieve related development objectives, including attracting foreign direct investment. DTSI’s services and capabilities are combined with 27 other remarkable companies to become one NTT.

NTT Group aims to resolve social issues by means of advancing digital transformation through its business activities, by utilizing its various management resources and capabilities, such as research and development, ICT infrastructure and personnel, while also collaborating with its partners like DTSI. By bringing together the NTT family, we are better positioned than ever to make a difference. Now as NTT, we can become our clients’ long-term’ trusted partner, leading them through their digital transformation and whichever journeys lie ahead.

ICT has contributed immensely to social and economic improvements, such as higher employment and productivity, increasing access to a higher quality of life. Various social problems have emerged, such as overpopulation and resource shortages around the world. Japan, in particular, has experienced a declining birth rate and an aging population in more recent years. In order to resolve these problems, it has become necessary in all circumstances to advance digital transformation utilizing ICT.

Combined with NTT Group’s capabilities, DTSI Group can properly design and implement ICT in such a way that can generate many positive outcomes. For example, improved access for communities in rural or remote areas can generate quicker response and support from healthcare professionals. Comprehensive managed services for every element of the client’s ICT infrastructure features advanced automation to optimize the use of available resources and ensure high-quality service. This partnership is believed to help in advancing a smart society, utilizing ICT infrastructures to achieve sustainable development goals. 

As a leading facility and IT solutions enterprise, Diversified Technology Solutions International Inc. (DTSI) Group is a pioneer enabler of innovative, end-to-end solutions of world-class facilities, advanced communication services, and game-changing technology to global companies.


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