Fit to Work: How Office Fit-out Services Work


Great workspace environments greatly affect employee productivity, so it is only wise to avail of office fit-out services. Having a space that works for you and your needs benefits both employer and employee, and is a great morale booster for the team. Here’s what office fit-out services do, and why you need them.

Office Fit Outs: A Definition

Looking for a new place to move your business into? The most common occurrence would be to look into spaces or office developments waiting for occupants. Choosing to refurbish a previously occupied space is also possible. An office fit-out is a process of making that interior space suitable for occupation. A lot of companies can forego hiring professionals, but office fit-out services assure you that you are maximizing the space you will be occupying for better productivity levels. As such, DTSI can closely support and work hand-in-hand with the landlord and the clients to ensure a smooth transition.

The DTSI Office Fit-out Method

DTSI’s office fit-out strategy is divided into three parts, each step aiming to make the office a true workplace of the future.

  • Development: Before getting started on decorating, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. 
    • Knowledge, Familiarization, & Experience with Building Design & Client Fit-out Standards – This includes surveying the building design and services, as well as its fit-out and technical standards (which include infrastructure, communications, the rooms present or to be constructed, and the like).
    • Define Governance Model for the Fit-out Project: At this part of the process, roles and responsibilities are assigned to the respective project teams. This also involves a review of the proposed project plans. All key stakeholders will receive an approval matrix about the proposals.
    • Regulatory Requirements: This step involves the procurement of local government permits and Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) registration, as well as Importation Clearance for any foreign-bought materials needed.
    • Define Project Implementation Governance: This involves laying out safety and security regulations for the project management team, as well as the main contractors and subcontractors.
  • Market Testing: The transition period will include identifying the necessary dependencies and hand-offs between stakeholders. DTSI can support and develop a facility operations manual for the fit-out project to include warranty programs, and ultimately plan preventive maintenance programs for all fit-out installations.
  • Preparation and Readiness for Operations: This final step assures that space is ready for its future occupants. With the volume of the materials and equipment for the fit-out project, DTSI will create a procurement matrix to address volume discounts, direct importation, warehousing, and delivery phasing flexibility options. As the office fit-out service provider, DTSI can also leverage on current vendor relationships and unit cost contracts with all fit-out subcontractors and vendors. DTSI can also support managing all the subcontractors for the implementation program, as well as consolidate all applicable site requirements. This includes temporary facilities, toolbox safety orientations, debris clearing, and project reporting.

How it helps build successful businesses

A good office fit-out is more than just having a space that’s pleasing to the eyes. When discussing factors that contribute to a company’s growth, it’s usually about finances or technology. Interior design is often overlooked. 

However, investing in a great office fit-out service can not only boost the company’s image but also positively contribute to boosting the employees’ morale. If space is tailored to the needs of the employees who work there, it is naturally going to instill a positive mindset, which can then lead to better productivity. 

In a study, 25% of employees responded that the interior office fit out was hindering their performance. On the other hand, over half of those who took part said that their performance would improve if the office was designed to fit their needs.

The design and set-up is as important a tool as the technology provided for efficient work practices. Minimize costs and maximize spaces with the expert advice of project management teams! DTSI and its office fit-out services can help make this process easier without the added stress. 

As a leading facility and IT solutions enterprise, Diversified Technology Solutions International Inc. (DTSI) Group is a pioneer enabler of innovative, end-to-end solutions of world-class facilities, advanced communication services, and game-changing technology to global companies. To learn more about the office fit-out services, feel free to explore our official website.


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