Enabling More Hybrid Cloud Opportunities Through Cisco-Google Partnership

November 09, 2017  |  DTSI Team

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Most people are using Cloud Computing these days without even realizing it. In fact, whether a user is a person operating his or her personal computer at home or an organization with employees sharing and editing files online, there is a very high chance that cloud computing is running behind the camera. In simple terms, cloud computing or more commonly referred to as “Cloud,” is the delivery of applications, databases, networks, and other configurable resources over the internet. It has been around serving internet and software users for years, but is still being explored for other possible functions until now. That said, tech companies from all over the world continuously find ways on how to improve user experience, much like Google and Cisco’s recent partnership.


 While Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are the leading cloud service providers today, the emergence of a new titan is at hand as Google Cloud partners up with Cisco to create their own Hybrid Cloud service. Hybrid cloud is a combination of private and public cloud computing. It allows more flexibility and heightened security for all users as they can design which software programs and functions can be taken from both types of cloud. Most companies often choose private cloud, all because their files and other confidential information are more secured. Public cloud, on the other hand, provides bigger storage and is the one usually used by regular users. So imagine a fully customizable cloud that enables enterprises to assemble the tools they require to fulfill their business needs. With Google Cloud and Cisco’s fortified relationship, they can now offer a more advanced level of technology not just to their consumers but also to their partners.

 DTSI Group, for instance, is an incoming Cisco Gold Partner and a good example of companies that benefit from one of the most groundbreaking partnerships today. With the rise of Google Cloud x Cisco Hybrid Cloud, the team of DTSI Group is committed to deliver Hybrid IT Services to its ever-loyal customers. The Cisco-Powered Google Cloud will soon be a part of the brand’s portfolio of outcome-based technology solutions that guarantee promising value for money. This serves as a win-win deal for Cisco, Google Cloud, and all their other corporate connections. 

Both brands aim to overthrow their competitors and work their way up the cloud services ladder. Aside from their common objective which is to dominate the cloud computing market, however, both information technology giants have separate goals as well, which is why they decided to join forces as one super corporation. Google wishes to tap into the existing Cisco clientele and pool of associates in order to help them improve their cloud systems, while Cisco wishes to make it easier for them to bring their applications into the Google Cloud. Nobody knows for sure what the future of this collaboration will be, but one thing is for certain: it will be another evolutionary step of cloud computing in the IT industry.










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