Defending Against Cyber Risks and Building a Secure Crisis Response Plan


Now that businesses are more exposed to automation and digitization, threats that lurk in the cyberspace become even more prominent. If a company is to evolve, there is no other route to take but digital transformation; this makes cyber breaches a thing to prepare for, especially for enterprises that rely heavily on technology every day. Luckily, there are response teams and preventive measures that can counter these attacks and help you protect your business.

Last Wednesday (March 5, 2019), American International Group, Inc. (AIG) and Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD), together with subject matter experts on crisis response, DTSI Group, Blackpanda, BCCS Law, and Fleishman Hillard, discussed about the risks and prevention of cyber threats in a workshop entitled “Crisis Response for Cyber Incidents – Risks, Governance and Engaging the Experts.” During the talk, speakers who specialize in various areas of cyber security and digital transformation shared their insights on how to properly deal with cyber crises. Liam Pomfret, AIG’s Cyber and Professional Indemnity Lead, talked about the ideal scenario of a typical cyber breach and what happens during the incident.

A cyberattack may come in a form of duplication or theft of confidential company information, or simply to damage and remotely control systems from outside the organization. Kevin McCaffrey, Managing Director of Blackpanda, explained why it is important to implement and test a business’ system breach response plan to successfully mitigate a cyber incident. Kevin also identified the right people in an organization to lead crisis monitoring and response.

In building a flexible and resilient crisis response process, it involves rapid detection of breach, immediate counter-actions, retrieval of data, and strengthening of one’s security protocol. DTSI Group offers state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions, in partnership with Blackpanda and NTT, to avoid disasters like such. DTSI Group helps businesses comply with all the policies of cybersecurity.

There are laws that guide these endeavors as discussed by Atty. Pecky Casuela of BCCS Law. These laws are critical to every company and being aware of these policies protects everyone from cybercrimes. Included in these laws is how businesses should be maximizing, but also securing social media channels. Patti Malay, General Manager of Fleishman Hillard, led the discussion on the importance of spreading the message about cyber crisis.

Cyber threats are unavoidable and as we quickly dive deeper into the world of digital transformation, our businesses’ systems become more exposed to the dangers of breaches. While it’s true that there are counteractions available these days, an ounce of prevention is still better than a pound of cure. That said, we must all promote a protected system by installing advanced security measures.

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