Boosting Productivity Through Flexible Workspaces


Studies have been done to prove that the work environment can greatly affect both the quantity and quality of the work that employees produce. At present, more and more companies are discovering the advantages of flexible workspaces. Know the benefits beyond its trendy beginnings, and how it has helped companies and their employees.

What Are Flexible Workspaces?

Flexible workspaces are also known as shared office spaces, or flexispaces. It is a system where companies with extra office space can have workstations rented out to working individuals and even smaller companies. It has basic equipment, like desks, chairs, electrical outlets and internet connections. While traditional office setups require employees to spend allotted working hours at a fixed workstation, flexible workspaces allow the employees to work from different locations, and to only work from the office when deemed necessary. Flexible workspaces can also be shared by employees of different companies as well as freelancers. This set-up can also be ideal for start-up companies that may need a homebase of sorts before choosing a permanent address.

Benefits of Flexible Workspaces

Gone are the days when office spaces are limited to secluded office cubicles and unimaginative blank walls. Flexible workspaces have since evolved to suit specific needs of both employers and employees. Here are some worthy points to ponder on if you’re considering a flexible workspace setup for your company:

  • Cost Advantages: Compared to traditional workspaces, companies do not need to pay the lease for whole floors. Oftentimes, individual seats for employees of different companies or even freelancers are available for rent at a monthly fee.
  • Networking Opportunities: Flexible workspaces gives you the chance to interact with people from other industries. This can be especially advantageous for freelancers in search of new clients. In the same vein, startups can also find new business partners in the environment that flexible workspaces offer.
  • A Sense of Community: People who often work alone can miss the environment that a traditional workspace offers. Flexible workspaces can help lessen the feeling of isolation that people get from working alone. It allows people to work on their own while surrounded by the energy of other people. This shared energy helps stimulate the productivity of people using the flexible workspaces.
  • A Change of Pace: Employees can feel suffocated if they stay rooted in one environment. Companies are beginning to realize how important it is to maintain healthy offices, so that their employees can work more efficiently. Offering something new to the table can help give employees a fresher way of looking at their work environment, as well as their relationships with colleagues and superiors.

Flexible workspaces have been gaining more popularity, even in long-established companies. Companies like DTSI offer office fit out services that can help you explore different flexible workspace options and packages. Experience a boost in productivity and creativity, as well as significant cost savings as we provide your business with a secure, innovative, and highly efficient workplace. To ensure that DTSI delivers excellent results, it has a dedicated team, that will guide companies throughout the process of fitting out a flexible workspace that suits one’s needs and vision. You can choose from our wide range of flexible office fit out solutions that are tailor-fit to meet your office space requirements.

As a leading facility and IT solutions enterprise, Diversified Technology Solutions International Inc. (DTSI) Group is a pioneer enabler of innovative, end-to-end solutions of world-class facilities, advanced communication services, and game-changing technology to global companies. For more information about flexible workspace options for your company and the other services that DTSI can offer, feel free to browse our website.



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