2019 Cybersecurity Trends for the Workplaces of the Future


Even if we are well into 2019, cybersecurity trends help us determine the important issues that we need to address as an organization. The latest Digital 2019 report from Hootsuite and We Are Social identifies the Philippines as the top country worldwide with the most time spent online. With an average of 10 hours and 2 minutes spent online daily via any device, there is a bigger chance for vulnerability against a person’s cybersecurity. On a corporate scale, this vulnerability can also translate to threats against the safety of a company’s data security. This article tackles cybersecurity trends that companies should take note of. Know how to help lead your workplace to a future of more secure data protection practices. and how to help lead your workplaces to a future of more secure data protection practices.

Cybersecurity Trends of 2019

The advancement of technology has its own highlights and downfalls. This means that although threats to cybersecurity has become more sophisticated, the tools needed to combat this has also seen improvements. Here are cybersecurity trends and challenges that will set the landscape for the things companies should look out for:

  • Targeted Phishing Attacks: Gone are the days where poorly written and constructed e-mails are the only red flags we need to look out for before sending out these attempts at phishing straight to spam. These days, unsuspecting users fall prey to carefully crafted newsletters. Malicious URLs are hidden in plain sight by believable buttons and links using logos of both real and fake companies. Hackers are creating malware that endangers data through legitimate-looking email links. In response to this, developers have been making more efforts to introduce technology that can better detect these attacks. This includes security awareness programs for all employees, as well as investing in tools and services that can help prevent these phishing attacks.
  • Device Management: Different technological advancements have helped data sharing easier than the physical transfer of paper documents. However, this convenience has also made this data easier to steal. Hackers find it easier to get into data cloud systems because they no longer have to battle through strong firewalls of virtual private networks. Third-platform technologies like mobile devices and social media can be a poorly protected entrypoint for exploiters to harvest data. Advanced endpoint detection and response strategies, as well as trusted managed service providers, can help make 2019 a safer cyber security landscape for everyone.
  • User Awareness: Companies that fail to keep their employees updated with the latest cybersecurity trends may soon encounter a problem. The most advanced tools and services can only do so much if the users are unaware that they may be the unwitting cause of cybersecurity threats that they are trying to avoid. User awareness training manuals should be updated and carried out in all companies. More than a trend, cybersecurity awareness helps employees be more responsible about the way they handle data. While not everyone can be an IT expert, knowledge on how to protect your data can help make for a more secure workplace in the future.

Cybersecurity trends are more than just buzzwords in the IT world. These trends and challenges help turn our attention on the problems that we have to face. This also opens discussions about knowing what your company needs to secure the data that your company operates on. DTSI provides services that help protect your data and your entire business from imminent threats and possible malware attacks through reliable cybersecurity systems. Strong security protocols reduce the risk of cyberattacks and shield your business from unauthorized exploitation and extraction of critical company information. This may seem like a daunting task, but finding the right partner to secure your data can make this process easier. Create safe and private database systems with the help of DTSI!

As a leading facility and IT solutions enterprise, Diversified Technology Solutions International Inc. (DTSI) Group is a pioneer enabler of innovative, end-to-end solutions of world-class facilities, advanced communication services, and game-changing technology to global companies. For more information about DTSI’s response to cybersecurity trends and its other services, feel free to visit our website.


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