Innovative Facility Solutions

We build facilities according to your needs, allowing you to have implementation flexibility from planning to completion.

Global InHouse Center Enablement

DTSI can help you by providing training and assistance in developing a fully operational and optimized Global InHouse Center.

Intelligent Building Solutions

Browse DTSI Group’s intelligent building solutions - technology designed to make your office software safer, clearer, and easier to navigate.


DTSI’s networking solutions enable data to reach your offices efficiently, using the latest developments such as cloud computing networks.

Business Communication Solutions

End-to-end customer engagement is never a problem with DTSI’s optimized business communication and operation solutions, enabling clearer talks.

Computing Solutions

DTSI Group’s computing solutions provide a way to increase productivity while maintaining a high level of efficiency to foster maximum growth.

IT Services

The IT services provided by DTSI can address gaps in your current strategy, cover potential issues, and minimize the risks faced by IT frameworks.


It's time for us to talk about YOUR needs, from  business technology to facility build/turnkey solutions. If you want to know more about our services, please fill up our inquiry form so that we can respond to you as soon as possible.