Facilities Management Services

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At Anthem, we don’t just provide physical facilities and technology, we also maintain them. Facilities customized for your business operations require expert maintenance services to ensure sustainability and longevity, thereby reducing both current and future capital requirements. Our integrated, end-to-end facility management services include:

  • Facility equipment maintenance services. Anthem manages and maintains facilities, technology infrastructure, and equipment, ensuring that systems are available 24/7.
  • Implementation of health and safety policies. Our team of safety experts develop and implement health and safety policies in accordance with best practices, accepted standards, and clients’ requirements.
  • Physical security. Our reliable, round-the-clock security services safeguard the safety of your data centers and facilities.
  • Service notification and reporting. We deliver real-time monitoring reports and and alerts providing systems and infrastructure performance status to ensure uninterrupted availability.
  • Housekeeping and general administrative services. Anthem facilitates for an immaculately clean and orderly facilities with our housekeeping, maintenance, and other general administrative services.
  • Asset Management. We manage and maintain enterprise assets including physical, technological, digital, fixed and other vital assets. 
  • Liaison Services with 3rd Party Providers. Anthem serves as the single point person with third-party providers and suppliers for all transactions to facilitate project and process management.