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World-class technologies and facilities management

Anthem offers a wide range of onshore and offshore managed facilities and hosted services aimed at preserving capital while providing world-class facilities and proven technology infrastructure and systems. Founded in 2007 as Anthem Solutions, Anthem provides enterprises, contact centers, and BPO firms operating in the United States and the Philippines with these innovative systems and services:

  • Facilities design, construction, and management
  • Internet hosting services
  • Technology infrastructure deployment and management

At Anthem, everything is a service that we provide when--and only when--you need it. From software as a service to infrastructure as a service to facilities as a service, we provide innovative, compelling ways for our clients to devote their financial and human resources to their core businesses while enjoying the full benefits of world-class enabling systems and services. Anthem pioneered these services, and provides them to its IT-BPO, insurance, hospitality, education, airline, and real estate clients.


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Facilities Management Services

Anthem provides and maintains physical facilities and technology capabilities. Our clients focus on their businesses while we focus on enabling them to grow and generate new sources of revenue.

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Hosted Services

Anthem delivers secure, robust hosted services that support the delivery of managed technology services, IP telephony, and contact center services in the Philippines, the United States, and Asia.

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Managed Facilities

Anthem’s world-class managed facilities services are tailored for unique facility requirements and standards for your business operations, culture, in-house equipment and occupant security.

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Managed Technology Services

With technology evolving rapidly, Anthem offers managed technology services that allow organizations to leverage the latest technology-driven processes to support efficient service delivery.